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Junior Toots: Guestbook

William Robinson

November 17, 2012

Love your web site And your Music

Ian Robertson

August 24, 2012

Great show at the Indigo 02. I was looking for more info on you and first bumped into the below website. They informed me of your website and guest page....

Mickey the Clown

July 26, 2012

What fun at Reggar on the River...Your performance was out of site.. ..Beautiful family...Happy to have met you and spend some fine times togetther!!!! See you in Berkeley in Sept...We will do it again!!! Love &Peace. Mickey the Clown

Iris Ayers

June 25, 2012

Hello Junior,
What an honor. I am busy speaking with venues.
Much love,


June 10, 2012

Bless Up Prince, I Love the Site. Can't wait to see you perform again. Oh, and the Pic up top is Fiya. Lots of energy. Keep vibin. Much Love


March 25, 2012

Great Album- great tunes. Thanks

Philly Jeff

March 22, 2012

Bless Up Yourself Junior Toots. Looking forward to seeing you at Moe's in Santa Cruz next Wednesday. Thank you for your craft and love in the World....Safe travels.....


February 2, 2012

junior toots, what a website, bio and tunes. peace in the world, icepack


January 28, 2012

Love the sound of your new albumn. When do you think it will be available in CD? Anxiously waiting!


January 1, 2012

word up

Rochelle B Waisome/

December 3, 2011

Its nice to watch yougrowing up with Hopeton and Toots now you on your way I know Ras D and King Hopeton on my cds now working with you nice to see Upnorth. My hubby of 4 yrs from Hanover Lucea via Florida came to San Diego for me now im sharing my music of 3 cds i have now see and hear at vol 1 and Vol 2 mp3 button on phone app then click onmusic see three stores 65 tracks all originals I MASTERED AND PUBLISHED. ARRANGED DID ART AND NOW ON TUNECORE ONLINE STORES .

Milton Williams

October 31, 2011

I like what I am hearing, let's nurse this to perfection and continue the traddition....
Milton (RSN)Reggae Shopping Network
Richmond, VA

Saundra Torres

September 1, 2011

Junior, you're rockin' the reggae scene BIG, BIG, TIME, my Brotha!! So happy to be working with you and Amanda! Siempre en el amor y el espiritu de mi familia! Raspect, Saundra

Punkin Muffin

August 22, 2011

I Saw you on Seeley Stage @ Hempfest 8/20/2011 beautiful lyrics, beautiful singing and beautiful music, thank you for a wonderful performance!

John Condon

July 31, 2011

Just heard the news!!! Junior at the Hollydale Community Club Saturday September 3rd along the lower Russian River...Forestville, CA Joining Pato for a great dinner/show supporting our Taylor Atkins 2011 Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser...big up's...jc

Jeff Lorenzo

January 23, 2011

Yo Junior, great show at the Last Day.I had alot of fun and can't wait for you to come back.Your freind and brother for life,fro!!!!!!!!!!

Kalani Ital

January 21, 2011

Big up Jr. Toots, longtime! We should link for some future works!

jeffrey exconde

November 6, 2010

Hi! There Junior Toots,
Blessed Love and Respect from The PHILIPPINE ISLANDS...Good Luck On All Your Projects and Wishing You All The Best In All Aspects.
Band Promoter/Distributor


August 10, 2010

Greetings Junior Toots, I Love the new website. Really like how the music stays at top of window while I search ur site. Also, like how the musics is on continuous play. I like the layout(easy on the eyes) and choice of colors for the site.
Give thanks for the hard work you put into the musics for ALL to hear.
Positive Vibes! -Angela