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A Little Bit of Love - LYRICS

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A little bit of love goes a long

A little bit of love goes a long …long way, yes... long way, yeah!


You could a come from east or you come from west

Could a come from north or you come from south

You have to trod the right way have to trod the right route

Although sometime you in and sometime you out

Going through great tribulations from hand to mouth

We can’t be living in fear nor the shadow of a doubt

You never know what tomorrow may bring

Stand up for love in the presence of the king




So if you see your brother down and he cannot stand

Give him a strength give him a hand

Do your best to follow Jah Jah plan 

Cause if Jah don’t save us from annihilation 

We got to save one another one by one

We got to help one another two by two

We got to help each other three by three 

Cause we are one earth race and we are one family




Red green and gold, red white and blue

Jah love you, Jah love me

Come make we live up in a one unity 

Come make we live up in a one destiny

Can’t you see that we are one family

You for me and me say, me for you